A Selection of MicronFog™ Fogging System Videos

Although the most common use of fogging systems in industry is dust suppression, MicronFog™ is incredibly versatile. Its uses are so varied , whether you are interested in more practical commercial applications such as:
Dust Suppression, Humidification, Cooling, Cooling Efficiency, Disinfection or Chemical Delivery

...Or whether you want an artistic or special effect such as:
Film set effects, Landscaping, Art and Sculpture, Theatrical effects, or enhancement of water features.  

MicronFog™ is the ideal fogging system.

Dust Suppression and control.

This short video illustrates how MicronFog™ has solved various headaches that our customers were experiencing.

Airborne dust is a well known health hazard. It is causes respiratory tract conditions such as Silicosis and COPD. Fog is a great way to control dust levels, making your workplace a safer place.

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Landscaping with Fog

If you want to produce a stunning landscape effect, make sure that you use Renby MicronFog™ in your scheme.

The continuing movement of the fog as it wafts around a feature produces an ethereal effect to any feature.

Large installations can also be used to produce a cooling effect for those hot summer days. At night, fog can be used to accentuate landscape lighting and when combined with the latest in LED technologies gives and infinite range of colours.

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Transfer Point Dust Suppression

New video coming soon

A demonstration of fogging at transfer points. Even very small height differences allow dust to become airborne and cause health issues.

Positioning nozzles close to the transfer point, means that the fog can prevent the dust becoming airborne.

If this is the only area where dust is being generated, just a few nozzles could easily solve the dust problems.

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UV Water Disinfection

This video short gives a visual description of how ultraviolet disinfection keeps your fogging system safe.

You will see at the end that there are some chlorine resistant organisms, treatment with ultraviolet light at the correct wavelength and power levels will destroy these.

Renby regard a clean water supply of such high importance that we will not supply one of our MicronFog™ systems without this feature.