Fog and Mist Special Effects

fog and art installationAlthough we developed MicronFog™ as a dust suppression tool, over the years, Renby have been called upon many times to provide fog as a landscaping effect.  So effective were our early projects at Chester Zoo and Chelsea Flower show, that we have now expanded our product range to suit special effects applications. Here are a few examples:

  • Chester Zoo: Islands Project
  • Chatsworth House: Xu Bing Sculpture “Tao Hua Yuan”
  • Hatfield House: Kinetic Sculpture by Angela Connor (pic.)
  • Jack Ryan:- Shadow recruit:- Misted tunnels.
  • Chester Zoo: Kinetic Sculpture exhibitions.
  • Geneva: Art installation by Artist: Rachal Bradley.

Sculpture and Art

fogging effects with sculpture

Fog can provide an ever changing moving sculpture within a piece, offering a constantly changing exhibit.  A breeze or even air currents indoors change the shape of the fog, and it becomes part of the work.

A misty atmosphere might be required to generate suspense, an early morning, spooky, or jungle-like feel, as in this scorpion exhibit. MicronFog™ provides this atmosphere safely and reliably.

Film Set Fog Effects

Micronfog fogging in movies

Small, portable fog machines are adequate for a short time and small areas, but for spectacular, reliable misting effects, a water based fogging system such as MicronFog™ is much more versatile, controllable and effective for misting a film set.

Producers on the set of the movie Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit called us in to help with special effects. We provided a portable fogging system that could be set up by the team simply and quickly on set.

MicronFog™ is versatile: tubing and nozzles can be added as desired for each scene. The fog is so fine that it evaporates before falling to the ground, so it does not create a damp set and can be used indoors or outside.

Keeping it Real – Discreet and easy to disguise

Nozzle can be hidden in foliage

As we did with Chester Zoo, we work very closely with all of our artists to get a thorough understanding of the kind of requirements which are a priority for them.

One of the main areas of importance can be discretion. The system needs to be easily hidden, producing realistic fog or mist without looking as though it is being produced by a machine.

Renby supply nozzle extensions to allow only the very end of the fogging nozzle to be glimpsed among vegetation and have camouflaged tubing, nozzles and systems on many occasions. We have been asked to make it more obvious in some cases as the fog cone or nozzles are required to be part of the exhibit.

Video – MicronFog™ Special Effects In Landscaping, Art, Film and Sculpture

This video demonstrates MicronFog™ in use as a special effect in three of our recent projects.

Chester Zoo have used the same system three years running and adapted it to suit their summer exhibitions.

The producers on the Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit created a steaming tunnel scene.


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