Pre-Assembled Fogging Control Panels

MicronFog Multi Zone Control Panel 1

Inside the MicronFog™ Multi-Zone Panel

Our control panels and software are the brains of the whole MicronFog™ System.

To comply with safety regulations and minimise work on site, all Renby MicronFog™ systems are supplied with their own pre-assembled control panel.

Available in 110VAC, 230 VAC and 415VAC versions, the panel can be mounted straight away and is ready for connection to the power supply by a qualified electrician.

An economy panel is available as a “plug and go "unit.

Integrates with Plant Automation

MicronFog Lite Panel

MicronFog™ Lite Panel

The panels house the electronic controller for the UV disinfection unit and power the electronic water softener. Interface signals are provided on the standard MicronFog™ Multi-Zone systems to allow you to interface your fogging system to other plant and equipment, when used in the auto mode.

A manual mode is available for local operation. As standard, the 3-phase panels use centre tapped 110VAC as their control circuit voltage, to comply with the more stringent quarry electrical requirements.

Control Panel Cabinets

MicronFog Nano Panel

MicronFog™ Nano Panel

The control panels can be supplied in either a steel or plastic cabinet, depending upon site requirements.

In artistic special effects and landscaping applications, we are often required to disguise the panel cabinet when it cannot be housed in a discreet location.

We have plenty of experience of doing this and have come up with some creative and imaginative ideas.


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