Different fog levels in different areas at different times

MicronFog Multi Zone Control Panel 1

MicronFog™ Multi-Zone Control Panel

Many of the fogging systems we supply are required to work at controlled times in different areas.

In some installations, humidity and temperature need to be carefully controlled and requirements may differ in some areas compared to others. Movement , humidity or temperature sensors can be added.

With solenoid controlled valves , MicronFog™ FlowFollower and Zone control Software, the system can respond to the needs of the environment allowing automatic system activation zone by zone.

Valves, Zone Control and Sensors

MicronFog Multi Zone Control Solenoid Valves

MicronFog™ Zone Control Valves

Manual and Solenoid Controlled Valves
As the system operates at 70 Bar, we offer high pressure valves which can be used to control separate zones.

For the simplest and most economical zone control a special manual high pressure ball valve can be used. However, this hand operation is not always possible in automated factories or landscaping systems.

The solenoid controlled valves can be operated by your control system or integrated with our smart panel and Zone Control Software, offering automatic control of the fogging system.


MicronFog Solenoid Controlled Valve

MicronFog™ Solenoid Controlled Valve

Movement control
Often, activation of the fog is required as personnel or a vehicle approaches.

Radio remote controls or movement sensors can be used to open and close valves automatically.

Temperature and Humidity Control Sensors
Where fog is used to control an operating environment, temperature and humidity sensing are needed in the control system.

The system can activate and de-activate dependent on temperature and humidity levels in a given zone.


MicronFog Movement Sensor

MicronFog™ Movement Sensor

Automated System activation at Loading points
The Lorry Loading chute at this quarry activates when the loading chute valve opens.
See our page on Load out point Dust Suppression


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