Odour Control

Waste generates unwanted odours

Skip Waste Facility

MicronFog™ was originally developed as a dust suppression tool, over the years, we have found many new applications, one of which is odour control.

By adding odour-neutralising additives to the water supply, certain unwanted odours can be tackled with fog. This is useful in many industrial processes which need to control odours, and the fog has the added benefit of keeping insects away.

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Odour control without Power or Water

Neutrapaks on landfill boundary

Neutrapaks attached to Perimeter Fence.

In some cases, you won’t have easy access to a power or water supply, such as at a landfillsite.

Thankfully, we also provide an odour control system which effectively neutralises odours at these sites which doesn’t require power or water: Neutrapak™.

This works in the same way as nature’s odour neutralisers. Have you ever realised that although there are animal faeces and rotting bodies among the forest leaves, you cannot detect any scent? Nature has natural deodorisers in tree sap which neutralise the unpleasant smells. Neutrapak™ granules are created from these natural oils.

How does Neutrapak™ work?


Neutrapak™ Samples

The Neutrapak™ Socks are filled with granules which last approximately 120 days, as long as they are not covered with snow or debris.

The granules are impregnated with odour-neutralising oils and the molecules from these oils are carried by air currents, just like the odour molecules would be.

The packs are suspended at two-metre intervals around boundary fencing and effectively prevent the unwanted odours from crossing the boundary into neighbouring areas.

More information can be found on Neutrapak™ from Renby, our parent company.