Micronfog Lite fogging system showing filters

A compact fogging system used for fogging certain points in a process such as, conveyor transfer points. Or for small-medium scale fogging applications.

Like MultiZone, the Lite has facilities for single timer and remote plant control enabling it to be integrated into your plant or visual effects control. A drain valve is supplied to drain off excess water.

  • Single zone dust suppression.
  • Loading areas and loading bays.
  • Conveyor transfer points.
  • Disinfection & chemical delivery.
  • Misting special effects for Landscaping, Art, Film and Theatre.

Dust Control at Specific Areas

Fogging for landscaping effects

In some facilities which require dust control, we have found that fogging the areas where dust becomes airborne is enough to control or suppress dust, and there is no need to install a fogging system for the entire building.

In landscaping or sculpture park applications, a MicronFog™ Lite system, is perfectly suited as it can provide enough fog to provide a single fogging effect for the chosen display area.

Take a closer look at our Landscaping with Fog page or Transfer Point fogging.

Temporary Fogging Applications

Loading dry material creates dust

A MicronFog™ Lite System can allow temporary fogging in applications such as:-

  • Localised fogging of an indoor processing plant.
  • Construction and maintenance inside a factory building.
  • Building refurbishment and restoration projects.
  • Exhibition stands where a misting effect is required.