Slip Lock and Nozzle Accessories

Fine fog can be produced with MicronFog Nozzles

Sliplock and Nozzle Assembly

Many fogging systems must be assembled before delivery to site.

With Sliplock fittings and nozzles, it is simpler to cut tubing and install fittings and nozzles on site.

This offers a system which is bespoke to the site and allows accurate positioning of the nozzles to either:

  • Prevent dust becoming airborne if used for dust control or
  • Create the most effective visual effect if used in special effects.

Straightforward Assembly with Quality Components

MicronFog sliplock fitting with nozzle holder

MicronFog™ Sliplock Fitting

The slip lock fittings are a heavy duty design.

Manufactured from nickel plated brass and rated at 70 Bar.

The standard tubing supplied is a high pressure rated black UV resistant tubing. Ironically, although we filter the feed water with a physical filter and send it through a UV disinfection unit.

If the water is exposed to daylight UV light, this can risk the formation of algae build up in the tube.

Hygiene regulations require that some installations use all stainless steel componentry. Stainless steel fittings and tubing are available upon request.


sliplock elbow

MicronFog™ Sliplock elbow Fitting

The most popular slip lock fittings are:

Nozzle holders;
Two types are available : in line and end of line.

Slip lock Elbow and
Slip lock Tee


MicronFog Sliplock Tee

MicronFog™ Sliplock Tee Fitting

For the majority of applications, these are all that would be required to build the fogging line.

If you require a nozzle to pass through a chute wall or some other bulk head, fittings are available to mount and seal the nozzle assembly as it passes through the bulkhead.

Other accessories are available to interface to different screw threads and provide more advanced assemblies.

Multi-headed nozzle heads are available which are commonly used in landscaping with fog applications and also where extreme humidification is required.

Break tanks

break tank and fogging system at Chester zoo

Break Tank Disguised at Chester Zoo "Islands"

Local water regulations may mean that a break tank is required. Break Tanks can easily be disguised as shown in this image.


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