Fogging Water Filtration

MicronFog Lite Filter Bodies

Filters on Micronfog Lite Fogging System

Good filtration is key to a successful fogging installation.

Ideally, MicronFog™ systems should use mains chlorinated water. All our systems filter water to 1 micron to eliminate sediment in the water supply.

Smaller systems achieve this in one stage, whilst the larger systems use at least two filtration stages. Any sediment is trapped in a “depth” filter cartridge, which ensures the sediment stays in the cartridge and cannot be released.

For applications with high levels of sediment, additional filtration stages can be supplied. If it is not practical to use a chlorinated mains water supply, we can offer alternative water treatment techniques.

Electronic Water Conditioner

To prevent build up of scale at the nozzles, the filtration panel is fitted with an electronic water conditioner that uses two electronic techniques to change the state of the calcium carbonate such that it can no longer adhere to surfaces.

As the softener is electronic, there are no additives and thus no need to top up with salt or other chemicals.

UV Disinfection

UV Disinfection Unit on MicronFog Lite

Disinfection lamp

At Renby, safe use of our fogging systems is of the utmost importance. Chlorination of mains water protects against most diseases. However, some cysts, such as cryptosporidium, are not destroyed by chlorination.

We add a second line of defence, namely Ultra Violet (UV) disinfection. This forms our dual approach to water safety.

Low level ultra violet radiation, kills bacteria and viruses by destroying their DNA.

The UV lamp is housed in a stainless steel reaction chamber with an electronic controller that monitors the lamp and operating time. Lamp replacement is simple with a no-tools design, minimising maintenance time.

The unit arrives on site tested and ready to go.


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