nano fogging system is lightweight and flexibleThere is more to a fogging system than just a pump and nozzles.

The Renby MicronFog™ system consists of a series of pre-assembled modules that interconnect to form the complete system. Tubing and nozzles are added to suit at installation.

Renby offer three system types in our MicronFog™ range:

  • MicronFog™ MultiZone
    Full-scale fogging system with multiple zone control capability.
  • MicronFog™ Lite -
    Used to control dust at specific points or creating special effects.
  • MicronFog™ Nano -
    A portable, start-stop only system suitable for low complexity applications.

Each fogging system includes:

MicronFog™ Multi-Zone - Our Full Size system.

multi zone fogging systemA large scale fogging system for dust suppression, humidification, disinfection, cooling, insect control, perimeter fogging, and landscaping projects.

Capable of fogging multiple zones at different concentrations. Can be controlled remotely. Able to fog vast areas with one system. One installation has over 1.5km of tubing!

Comes complete with Renby’s FlowFollower™ and zone control software, and UV Filtration.

Take a closer look at the Multi-Zone fogging system here.

MicronFog™ Lite – Specific Fogging

micronfog lite systemUsed for fogging specific points in a process such as doorways or conveyor transfer points.

A timer and remote plant control allows it to be integrated into your plant control system.

Compact, easy to use and maintain. Not just for dust suppression and special effects. See examples of MicronFog™ Lite by taking a look at our MicronFog™ Lite Applications page.

MicronFog™ Nano – Lightweight and Portable

nano lightweight flexibleYou need a small, simple fogging system for special effects or specific point dust control or fog effects?…Introducing the compact and portable MicronFog™ Nano!

Using Renby’s MicronFog™ experience, we saw that there was a need for a more portable and simplified fogging system that would enable the user to simply switch the fog on and off as required.

Tubing, fittings and nozzles can be cut on site to suit the requirements of the application. The Nano system can be useful for temporary installations exhibitions, film sets, and art galleries.


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