Disinfection With Fog

Disinfect a cheese production facility

Cheese making equipment must be disinfected.

Many facilities which require disinfection or cleaning have to be stripped down in order for the disinfectants to reach all surfaces of the equipment.

If the disinfectant is delivered with fog, a complete strip down is not required and the process of disinfection can be done very quickly and efficiently.

The disinfectant chemicals are added to the water supply and multiple heads are normally used for these applications.

How disinfection systems differ

Multi headed nozzle

Multiple Nozzle Head.

Multi-headed nozzles are used for this application as they provide a denser fog to carry disinfectant to all the parts of the machinery and equipment.

Stainless steel fogging tube is used in food manufacturing applications. This does have to be cut to size off site but is necessary for a food preparation or food processing environment.

Chemical Delivery with Fog.

Fogging in waste processing

Fog Used in a Waste Facility.

Many chemicals can be delivered with fog to great effect. For example, we’ve worked on projects involving the following:

  • Cleaning chemicals for restoration projects.
  • Insecticides to reduce insects in a building.
  • Odour suppression chemicals.

The key to using disinfection chemicals in fog is that the chemical must be safe to use if people are in the area when fogging occurs.