MicronFog™ Dust Suppression Nozzles Use Multiple Heads to Provide Greater Fog Density

Create Dense fog with a Multi Headed Nozzle

Multi-headed fogging nozzle head.

Sometimes our customers need a much more concentrated fog than a single nozzle system can provide. MicronFog™ can be supplied with nozzle assemblies containing multiple nozzles at each fogging point. This is very useful when the fog is to be used for:

  • Humidifying
  • Disinfection and Chemical Delivery
  • Cooling
  • Special Effects

Multiple heads deliver a denser fog.

How Positionable Multi-Head Dust Suppression Nozzles Work

Static Swivel Head

Static swivel positionable head on brass extender.

Multi-headed nozzles can be supplied with a brass extender which has a ball swivel joint at the base.

This allows the nozzle to be re-positioned (when the system is switched off and depressurised) by up to 15˚ from vertical in any direction. This allows the direction and placement of the fog to be more easily controlled.

This feature is particularly useful in humidifying, special effects, cleaning and disinfection applications - have a look below at some examples of how our misting nozzles are put to great use in various sectors.

Applications for Multi Headed Systems - Humidification

Buna Shimeji Mushrooms need Humidity for yield and quality

Mushroom growers need controlled humidity.

Controllable Humidity – Zone by Zone

Like many fungi grown commercially, these delicious Japanese Buna Shimeji mushrooms need humidity levels to be just right and well-controlled for maximum yield and consistent quality.

Many industries require zone-controllable humidity, showing different levels of humidity in different zones. Please see our specific page on Humidification with Fog.

Cleansing and Disinfection

Disinfection of Food Production facilities can be done with fog

Cheese producers can disinfect with fog.

Disinfection, and cleaning in industry often means expensive disassembly of equipment to get cleaning solution into all the tiny spaces and onto all the required surfaces.

Using Renby’s MicronFog™ disinfection system removes the need for disassembly. Instead, it uses high pressure fog at critical locations in the facility to deliver disinfection chemicals via its misting nozzles to all the surfaces of the machinery.

This saves our customers thousands in clean-down costs and downtime.


“The stainless steel fogging system installed for disinfection means the facility can be disinfected overnight”
Cheese Manufacturer, North Wales

Special Effects

Special Mist Effects in planting schemes

Fog is used as a special effect.

Special effects teams want easily controlled, portable fogging systems that can be adapted for each set layout. Sometimes a thicker fog is needed and swirling effects can add to the dramatic impact. Multi heads are interchangeable with single heads, and pressure is adjusted to suit.

In landscape design and sculpture, dense fog can obscure objects or soften hard edges, offers movement to static objects and realism to animatronic sculptures.

Click on the links to see dedicated pages on Special Effects and Landscaping with Fog.


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