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MicronFog™ Dust Suppression Misting Systems

From a single base unit, Micronfog™ dust suppression misting systems deliver fog precisely where you want it, to do exactly what you need it to do, whether on a large or small scale, inside or outdoors.

Our dust suppression misting systems are customisable, technologically advanced, versatile and energy efficient. We’re passionate about health, safety and sustainability, which is why we’re continually developing MicronFog™.

Our systems aren’t solely used for suppressing dust: they’re used in a very broad range of applications, and every year we’re excited to discover more ways that fog can be used.

Currently, our dust suppression misting systems are used in a wide number of different industries. Recent projects included controlling the dust in a potato grading and packing facility and a power station wood pellet storage area.

Outside of the dust suppression field, our systems are applied in a diverse range of projects, such as:

Special Effects - Chester Zoo.
Chemical Delivery – Disinfecting Cheese production area.
Humidification – Specialist Mushroom grower.

A few of the industries we work with:

Quarries / Mineral Production
Recycling / Waste / EfW
Chemicals / Powder Packaging

Food Growers / Food Producers & Packers
Alternative Fuels / Biomass
Safari Parks / Zoos

Art / Sculpture
Landscaping / Parks
Film Industry

Get Great Value From Dust Suppression Misting Systems

Dust suppression in vegtable processingCompared to alternative methods such as dust extraction or collection, suppressing dust with fog can be done at a fraction of the price.

Capital cost, running costs and power consumption are all significantly lower than power-hungry extraction or collection machines.

Controlling Dust Without Wetting

dust suppression in action

MicronFog™ dust suppression misting systems emit fine controllable fog, which suppresses airborne dust without wetting. This protects your staff against dust–related respiratory conditions such as silicosis and COPD. The microscopic water droplets agglomerate dust, forcing it to fall from the air.

Click on one of these links for dust control in:

Dense Fog Applications

multi headed fog nozzles

A MicronFog™ system fitted with Multi-headed nozzles, can provide a dense and controllable fog for applications such as:

Special Effects

chester zoo special effects

Our systems have been used by Sculptors and artists, both as a backdrop to an exhibition or as part of the exhibit itself.

MicronFog™ has been used on film sets to create a misty, foggy or steamy atmosphere. Have a look at the exciting ways we’ve used fog below:

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