renby ltdMicronFog™ is the fogging equipment division of Renby Limited. Renby have long been a supplier to the quarrying, minerals, chemical, waste and recycling industries, supplying bulk handling equipment and spare parts.

We are the UK agent for Schrage Conveying Systems, Spirofloor Moving floors and Hydratech Toploaders. We sell Neutrapak Odour Neutralising packs which work without any water or power supply.

  • Industries Supplied by Renby
  • Waste
  • Recycling
  • Chemicals
  • Biofuel & EfW
  • Food Packing/Processing
  • Mining and Quarrying
  • Bulk Garden products (Compost, Fertiliser etc.)

  • Renby Limited Product range
  • Enclosed Tube Conveyors for Dust Tight Handling
  • Toploaders for Bulk Reception and Feeding
  • Dust suppression without wetting,
  • Moving Floors, and Bag Openers
  • Moving Floor Bunkers
  • Odour Control

Tubular Drag Chain Conveyors from Schrage

Tubular drag chain conveyor

The Schrage Tube Chain Conveyor conveys a huge range of bulk materials, smoothly and efficiently , keeping fugitive dust contained.

The gentle and smooth action means that mixed products such as muesli can be conveyed without segregation.

Ash and MBM are often handled with this kind of conveyor in the power and cement industries. ATEX and food safe versions are available.

More on tube chain conveyors (Renby Website).

Neutrapak = Odour Control without Power or Water

Neutrapaks neutralise unpleasant odours

Renby’s revolutionary Neutrapak odour neutraliser helps site operators who are beset by complaints relating to odours to reduce complaints of any obtrusive, pervasive, unpleasant odours that emanate from their site without a power or water supply.

Neutrapak doesn’t mask, it neutralises the odour in the same way that odours of faecal matter and rotting creatures are neutralised in a forest. If you want to reduce litigation risk for nuisance odours, click here.

More on Neutrapak (Renby website)

Spirofloor® Moving Floors for heavy bulk materials

Spirofloor and Bag opener

The Spirofloor® is a heavy duty moving floor conveyor that handles heavy bulk materials such as waste.

It is designed to automate reception and handling of large volume bulk material. The needs of the process dictate how the system is configured.

Bag openers can be supplied with the floor for bagged waste processing applications. The floor is strong enough for heavy vehicles to drive over it.

More on Spirofloor® moving floors {Renby website)

The Hydratech Toploader - Bulk Material Reception and Feeding

New Toploader

One of the most useful features of the Hydratech Toploader (EU Patent 882390) is that almost any vehicle can load into it (whether front-loaders or lorries) solves the common problem on many sites of double handling material entering the process.

It can be erected on an existing concrete surface. The Toploader automatically scoops an amount of material over the stockpile into your process as required on demand.

More on the Hydratech Toploader (Renby website)


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