High Quality Misting Nozzles For Effective Misting

Effective, reliable, long lasting fogging systems need high-quality misting nozzles. The nozzle orifice is key to a high-quality misting nozzle.

Renby MicronFog™ nozzles are precision engineered from nickel plated brass bodies with laser drilled ruby orifices.

The perfect roundness of the hole is critical to give consistency at every nozzle. This provides an accurate, hard-wearing misting nozzle which produces a fine and consistent fog droplet size.

This ensures controllability, offering maximum effectiveness when it comes to dust suppression.

Other fogging systems are supplied with brass or stainless-steel nozzles. Our ruby nozzles last four to five times longer than stainless steel and up to 10 times the life of brass.

These microscope images of the nozzle orifice illustrate the difference between a poorly drilled nozzle and a MicronFog™ nozzle. Badly drilled holes give erratic spray distribution. With laser-drilled ruby, we can be sure of the smoothness of the orifice. This ensures consistently fine droplets – critical to system effectiveness.

Varying Flow Rates to Suit Your Needs

misting fogging nozzles

MicronFog™ Nozzle Range

We supply 5 orifice sizes, each offering a different flow rate, and cone angle. This allows us to design a fogging system tailored to the your exact requirements.

The amount of fog can be increased, decreased or blanked off as required. Nozzles are easy to maintain, because they can be taken apart for cleaning.

A coloured band denotes the nozzle size. This simple visual identification means that the fogging system configuration can be checked quickly and easily without removing any nozzle to check its size.

Nozzles can also be supplied in 303 or 316 grade stainless steel.

MicronFog™ Nozzle Range

These are the common nozzles supplied. Other styles are also available upon request.

Nozzle ImageOrifice SizeFlow Rate (at 70 Bar) Litres per minCone AngleBand Colour
black fogging nozzle 0.085mm 0.02 40 Black
white fogging nozzle 0.1mm 0.03 50 White
red fogging nozzle 0.15mm 0.046 60 Red
blue fogging nozzle 0.2mm 0.065 70 Blue
plain fogging nozzle 0.3mm 0.095 80 None

Easy to Install and Maintain.

Screwing in a MicronFog nozzle

Installing a Micronfog Nozzle

Our nozzles are incredibly easy to fit and maintain. The nozzle simply screws neatly into the sliplock fitting . They can be changed for an alternative size nozzle for different effects and can be removed for cleaning if necessary.

Installers love the flexibility of the MicronFog™ system which allows them to alter the design of the system on site.

The small size of the nozzles enables the system to be discreet if required. Ideal when being used as a special effect.


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