High Pressure Fogging & Misting System Pumps

High Pressure Fogging Pumps create fine fog

High Pressure Pumps create fine fog

Our misting system pumps have been designed specifically for operation with the Renby MicronFog™ misting nozzle range.

With outputs starting at two litres per minute (lpm) nominal for smaller installations, through to 20 lpm for a system with hundreds of nozzles, we can size the pump to your needs.

Larger pumps can be supplied where called for by the application. The pumps are available in 110VAC and 230VAC single phase versions, migrating to 415 VAC three phase for larger systems.

Long Life Pump Design

MicronFog Pump with covers removed

MicronFog Pump

Positive displacement triple plunger pumps are used to give a smooth flow at the operating pressure. The units are de-rated to ensure long and reliable service in the Renby MicronFog™ system.

The positive displacement design means that output flow is proportional to the rotational speed of the pump. Therefore our larger pumps are speed controlled by an inverter, so that the throughput can be set to match your application.

This means that you save both power and water, both increasingly valuable commodities.

All misting system pumps are designed for maximum safety with dual circuit pressure control.

Housed in stainless steel cases, complete with input and output pressure meters, the pumps are designed to be easy to install and maintain, whilst being rugged for the most demanding of applications.

Pump Selection and Lead time

micronfog control panel

Bespoke Fogging System - Solenoid Valves

A MicronFog misting system is built to order. The selection of pump size depends entirely on the application for which the system is to be used.

A drawing or basic sketch showing the area to be treated and what kind of effect is needed will help to determine the size of pump needed.

The control panel will only be built once the pump size is known. This is the critical step in the process of building a fogging system and is a major determining factor of lead time.


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