Fog in Landscape Design with MicronFogTM

MicronFog in Chester Zoo Gardens

Chester Zoo Landscaping

MicronFog™ offers a superbly effective and atmospheric feel to a garden design. Landscape designers and architects are constantly looking for innovative and alternative special effects to give their designs that “Wow Factor”. MicronFog™ helps to deliver just that.

Here are a few examples of our projects:

  • Chelsea Flower Show: James Wong’s “Canarian Garden”
  • Chester Zoo: Kinetic Sculpture exhibitions.
  • Chester Zoo: Bears of the Cloud Forest
  • Hatfield House and Garden: “Renaissance” Water Feature
  • Chester Zoo: Islands in Danger Project

Ideal for Water Features

Fogging effects used in show garden

James Wong: Chelsea Flower Show

Fog nozzles hidden amongst vegetation behind or beneath a water feature or around hard landscaping features can create a relaxing and tropical forest feel to a garden display.

Fog really makes water features stand out. It provides mood and interest and the gentle mist adds a really different and special feel to lighting effects for night time or evening displays when used with decorative lighting.

Fog can create a lovely alternative water feature in itself.

Swimming pool landscaping with fogging effects looks truly stunning!

Fogging in a Public Space

Fog enhances a garden water feature

Private Garden Fogging of existing Water Feature

The MicronFog™ fogging system is so versatile, it can be set up to offer:

  • A dry fog which does not wet an area.
  • A more dense fog where plants would benefit from increased humidity and shading.
  • A cooling fog for visitors to attractions on hot days.

Your fogging system can also reduce the need for watering and provide shading to plants which may be damaged by direct sunlight.

The system uses surprisingly little water and with low energy consumption pumps, MicronFog™ Fogging systems are very economical to run.

Keeping it Real – Discreet and easy to disguise

Fogging Nozzle hidden at Chester zoo

Fogging nozzles can be easily disguised

It is easy to have fog in a Landscape Design without the need for it to be too obvious. Fogging nozzles or spray heads can spoil the natural look of the design.

Our standard nozzles are very small and easily hidden. The tubing is a narrow gauge, and thus, easy to hide or disguise if desired.

Nozzle extensions allow only the very end of the fogging nozzle to be detectable among plants and underneath or behind hard landscaping features. It’s worth remembering that in a water feature, the nozzles will not be effective if positioned under water.

Video – MicronFog™ Landscaping, and Water features

This demonstrates MicronFog™ in use as a landscaping effect as well as an integral part of a Kinetic Water Sculpture. As Chester Zoo have demonstrated, once a system is owned, it can be adapted to suit different exhibitions by adding or removing tubing, and nozzles.

Chester Zoo are so impressed that they have re-used their original system in three consecutive summer exhibitions. The Cloud forest bears enclosure has benefited from having a system to enhance their enclosure, making for a very authentic misty scene.

One system has now been made a permanent feature in the new Islands project they have used it as a permanent feature in the new Chester Zoo Islands Project opened in Summer 2015.


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