A Misting System Will Stop Dust & Odour Crossing Boundaries

Suppress Dust at site boundary with fine fog

Fine fog prevents dust crossing boundaries.

For sites creating dust or odour, being a good and responsible neighbour is a constant concern. Dust, flies and odour can cross boundaries and affect neighbouring properties or public areas and become a nuisance. By adapting the boundary fence and fitting a row of nozzles at a high level, a MicronFog™ misting system can be used to help prevent this.

As the dust passes through the fog, it combines with the tiny droplets and falls out of the air. Why wait for a visit from an annoyed neighbour, or an Environment Agency inspector with powers of imposing a prohibition notice immediately?

The financial, penalties and damage to reputation related to such a notice are far greater than the cost of installing a perimeter misting system and keeps everybody happy so that you can concentrate on your business.

Suppress Dust With a Misting System

Perimeter fence fogging Line

Fogging line is attached to perimeter fence.

Perimeter fogging is achieved by setting up fogging nozzles around a boundary, often attached to an existing perimeter fence.

Use of a perimeter misting system will offer a level of general dust suppression across a site as it can be set up to increase humidity. The foggy atmosphere also means less dust becomes airborne as vehicles move material around the site.

If dust does become airborne, fog will suppress it.

Public and Private Nuisance

Perimeter fence protects neighbours

Fogging keeps the neighbours happy and dust-free.

If dust or odour persistently spoils residents’ or the general public’s enjoyment of a space, it can be considered a 'Private' or 'Public' nuisance.

These are terms in law and legal action, and can easily be taken against any organisation found to be causing such a nuisance.

Perimeter fogging and Renby’s Neutrapak™ Odour Neutralisation system can mitigate this risk.

Read more about odour as a statutory nuisance and how to mitigate against this liability.

Control of Odour and Flies?

suppressing dust in waste processing

Fog was installed in this skip waste facility.

Fogging an area will generally significantly reduce the number of flies , as it cools the area and the flies prefer dry air. However, in addition, chemicals can be added to the water supply to further reduce pests and odours.

If odour is the primary issue, Neutrapak™ is even more beneficial.

Demonstration Video – MicronFog™ in action

This video demonstrates MicronFog™ in use in a variety of applications.

There are health hazards relating to airborne dust. Using a MicronFog™ misting system helps to mitigate those risks.

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