Dust Suppression in Industrial Processes

Root Vegetables Dust Suppression

Controlling Dust in Vegetable Packing

Does your process create dust? At Renby, we know that some processes naturally do. We also know that process owners want to control it. You try to trap the dust at source but sometimes it is just not possible or economically viable. MicronFog™ specialise in dust suppression using fog.

Do you want a safe and effective way to suppress the dust without expensive extraction equipment? Do you want to reduce airborne dust to prevent respiratory tract illnesses like COPD and silicosis, as well as preventing machinery damage caused by dust?

Capital cost, running costs and power consumption are a fraction of alternative methods, such as dust extraction or collection.

As high dust levels are unlawful under the Environmental Protection Act and Health and Safety Act, effective dust suppression will also reduce the risks of Improvement and Prohibition Notices from regulators.

How can we reduce dust?

Conveyor Dust Supression

Fogging a Conveyor

With MicronFog™ systems, pressurised water is sprayed as a fine mist through laser-drilled ruby nozzles. Fog quickly mixes with the air. Dust particles combine with water droplets, and fall out of the air.

A dusty building clears in moments when MicronFog™ starts up. Nozzles can be fitted in the roof for a reduced level of dust throughout the building, or around transfer points and loading areas where dust is often generated.

Will fog wet the area?

Coal plant dust suppression

Dust suppression on a Coal Conveyor

One might assume that fogging an area would make it wet or damp.

We understand the need for many dusty processes to remain dry and use appropriate control and selection of nozzles to ensure fog is fine enough to prevent the area becoming damp while effectively suppressing dust.

Renby are industry leaders in dust suppression, with decades of experience in chemical and minerals industries.

MicronFog™ is used successfully in vegetable packing and dry powder bagging where it is essential that processed products must not become wet.

Fogging large storage areas without wetting

Dust Suppression in Bagged Powder Warehouse

Controlling Dust in the Warehouse

Warehouses containing dry bulk materials or dry goods can be very dusty places, especially if there is much vehicle activity.

Whether the warehouse is storing grain, foods, bulk materials or boxed products, airborne dust can often be a problem.

Just as in process areas, nozzles can be fitted in the roof space for general dust suppression or on racking for localised dust control.

Find out more about our dust control systems for warehouses.

Demonstration Video – MicronFog™ in action

If you prefer to see a visual example, this video gives a clear illustration of the MicronFog™ fogging system in action. Depending on where and how it is installed, general building dust suppression or more localised dust control are both feasible.

Our customers are genuinely delighted with the results from their fogging system. This video truly illustrates its effectiveness.

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