MicronFog Full Size System

Our Multi-Zone systems are for large scale applications including:

  • Building Dust Control and Suppression
  • Outdoor Dust Suppression
  • Humidification
  • Cooling
  • Disinfection and Chemical delivery
  • Insect control
  • Permanent Installations

A single area can be treated or several separate zones can be fogged at different concentrations using a single system. 

Fogging an entire warehouse

Fogging a warehouse

Dust is frequently a problem for warehouse operators. Fork lift truck and other vehicle movements, create a dusty atmosphere, which is hazardous to health as well as being unpleasant. Even in a warehouse like this, containing bagged powder which is sensitive to moisture, MicronFog™ is effective in controlling dust without wetting the product.

The tubing is cut on site. Nozzles and slip-lock fittings are added during installation, so the system can be adapted to suit the area being fogged as it is installed.

Take a closer look at Warehouse Dust Control here.

Multiple Zone Fogging

mushroom humidification with fog

Where a facility required differing levels of fog in specific areas, a MicronFog™ MultiZone System can allow controlled specific concentrations of fog in each area.

A great example of this is in humidification applications. Certain species of crops will yield best with different levels of humidity. As the crop is grown and harvested, this humidity level may need to be adjusted to suit the ambient conditions and stage of growth. Each growing area can be controlled separately from a single system using our FlowFollower™ and Zone Control Software.

UV Disinfection

UV Disinfection unit

At Renby, we view the safe use of our fogging systems to be of the utmost importance. Therefore, rather than just relying upon chlorination of the mains water source, we add a second line of defence, namely Ultra Violet (UV) disinfection.

We use UV Max lamps to ensure the water is safely disinfected before it leaves the fogging nozzles.

In fact, we attach so much importance to this aspect, that we will not supply a system without this feature.


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