Fog has many uses in industry such as:-

  • Dust Suppression
  • Cooling
  • Cooling Efficiency
  • Disinfection and Chemical Delivery
  • Humidification

The most common use of fog in industry is dust suppression.

Dust Suppression and control.

This video illustrates how Renby's MicronFog™ has solved various headaches that our customers were experiencing, including a dry powder bagging line where fog was used to eliminate dust without wetting the material being bagged.

At the stone quarry, watch how the lorry can drive off without trailing a plume of dust, making the quarry loading area even safer.

More on Process Dust Suppression or Loading point Dust Suppression

Warehouse Dust Suppression

A demonstration of some of our warehouse fogging installations.

Carefully selected nozzles are fitted in the roof and a pump pressurises the water supply to the nozzles to create a background level of fog which effectively suppresses dust without wetting the warehouse stock.

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Transfer Point Dust Suppression

A demonstration of fogging at transfer points. Even very small height differences allow dust to become airborne and cause health issues.

Positioning nozzles close to the transfer point, means that the fog can prevent the dust becoming airborne.

If this is the only area where dust is being generated, just a few nozzles could easily solve the dust problems.

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