Control Humidity With Fog

fogging used for humidification

Fog creates humidity through flash evaporation.

MicronFog™ has been used in many applications where humidification is needed:

  • Food growing applications.
  • Increase humidity in industrial processes.
  • Improving cooling system effectiveness.
  • Useful in printing for reducing static and paper-curl.
  • IT data centres; to increase availability by optimising heat removal and reducing static.

Many humidity control systems also make the area wet, which is often undesirable as it can have negative effects on the product and in some cases, presents a safety issue.

Controllable Humidity

mushroom growers humidification

Mushrooms require humidity for quality and yield.

Many industries require some level of humidity in the process or growing area. But more importantly, there must be a good level of control over the humidity levels.

Fog can be used in applications such as salad crops or mushrooms where a humid atmosphere can, dependent on set-up, provide shading and cooling effects, and can improve quality and yield.

Control Humidity by Zone

controlling humidity with fog in agriculture

Controllable humidity for commercial growers

Humidity levels may need to be different in various areas of the business.

MicronFog™ systems can be set up to serve several “Zones” and are fitted with zone control software which allows operators to select different humidity levels in different pre-determined parts of the system.

As an example application, consider that where different species of vegetables are grown, specific conditions to suit the crop and stage of development are required.

Each growing area can be designated a zone and suitable humidity levels can be set in each one.

How Does it Work?

re-positionable brass extender with multiple nozzles

Static swivel head is positionable.

The reason that fog can be used so effectively to humidify is the process of flash evaporation. The droplets of water are so small that they evaporate before hitting the ground and increase the humidity level of the air.

MicronFog™ humidity control systems allow operators to control humidity levels by altering the amount of time the fog is active. Humidity sensors monitor the air moisture content and, like a thermostat controls a heating system, these sensors feed back to the system, where it calculates when more fog is required.

Demonstration Video – MicronFog™ multi-headed systems in action

This video demonstrates MicronFog™ in use in a variety of applications.

Just as with customers who use fog to suppress dust for the work force, there are health hazards relating to airborne dust. Using MicronFog™ helps to mitigate those risks.


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