Dust Control Systems for Warehouses

Dust control at a Grain Warehouse

Grain Warehouse using Fog

Dust rapidly becomes airborne in warehouses thanks to the movement of dry goods, boxes and industrial vehicles. Additionally, in areas where vast volumes of dusty bulk materials are delivered and discharged from vehicles, dust becomes a problem. Often, there is so much dust in the air that it is not possible to see across the building.

This condition is neither acceptable nor safe for your workforce and is unlawful under the Environmental Protection Act and Health and Safety Act. A visit from either inspectorate would result in an Improvement Notice and in extreme cases, a Prohibition Notice.

Using Fog in the warehouse

warehouse dust suppression

Fogging a dry bagged powder store

There are several ways in which MicronFog™ dust control systems can be applied to warehouses. These include:

Large Area Fogging: Fog protects the warehouse for general dust suppression.

Doorways: Nozzles around doorways to prevent dust entering or leaving the building.

Packing Areas: To prevent dust build up and protect staff.

Fork Lift Truck Movement: To suppress dust arising from FLT movement.

Why should we Control Dust?

reduce the dangers of dust with fog

Dust causes respiratory illnesses

A dusty work place may affect morale and productivity. But it's more than that. Dust is a major cause of work related illness.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and Silicosis are severe lung conditions caused by spending extended amounts of time in a dusty atmosphere. They are debilitating illnesses and may lead to time off work or even ceasing work altogether.

Regulators will take action against employers who do not do enough to protect their staff from inhaling dust.

Litigation is increasingly taken out against businesses that do not take action to suppress and control dust and this can cost businesses dearly. Help avoid any litigation by using an effective dust control system.

Choose MicronFog to Ensure Quality Fog

fogging not sprinkling

Fog at Chester Zoo

Some dust control systems claim to produce fog or mist using mains water pressure in the region of 6 Bar or even 20 Bar. This is not possible.

These systems are really sprinklers and will generally wet an area rather than fog it. Droplet sizes are often in excess of 100 microns and are more like fine rain than true fog.

Beware of misting systems which are not specified with a water cleansing section. Renby insist on this to protect from legionella.


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