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MicronFog ™ controlling Airborne Dust

Fogging a vegetable packing line

MicronFog™ is often used to suppress airborne dust. In this article, published in the May edition of Solids and Bulk Handling, we see how MicronFog™ is used to achieve this even when the facility being treated is not outside the regulation standard.

Such is the importance of controlling dust, ASDA wanted its supplier to exceed the current required standards. In any event, it is likely that HSE standards for dust will be tightened over the next year.

ASDA supermarkets have a supplier Best Practice Forum in which suppliers share effective methods of solving common problems, especially where there is no confidential or proprietary information connected with that business practice.

MicronFog™ has been used as an example of best practice for suppressing dust. Supermarkets have a duty to ensure the food they sell is produced in a safe manner.  As such, their suppliers must meet strict standards on health and safety. Dust is a health and safety concern in any environment where vegetables are being moved around, graded or packed as dried soil on the vegetables generates airborne silica dust. This dust is respirable and can cause serious lung and upper respiratory tract illnesses such as COPD and silicosis.

MicronFog™ is also used in the food growing and preparation industry to disinfect equipment, control temperature or to humidify.

To read the article please load this pdf in your browser.

MicronFog™ at RWM – See you there

RWM Banner 2015

A MicronFog™ Fogging system used for cost effective dust suppression, humidification and cooling, will be exhibited by Renby, at RWM once again this year.

Renby will be exhibiting in partnership with Hydratech BV and Schrage Rohrkettensysteme GmbH.

There will also be a functioning, Spirofloor moving floor bulk materials reception system, and a working model of the Schrage tube chain conveyor with viewing windows to allow you to take a closer look.

We look forward to seeing you at Hall/Stand: 5P53

Chatsworth – Localised Fog at the South Lawn

Chatsworth Localised Fog at the South Lawn

Renby have been showing our artistic side once again.

This time at the beautiful Chatsworth house and gardens in Derbyshire. The renowned contemporary sculptor Xu Bing has been invited to exhibit one of his latest works, Tao Hua Yuan: A Lost Village Utopia as the focal point of Sotheby’s 2014 “Beyond Limits” Sculpture exhibition which runs from 8th September to 28th October. It will temporarily replace the 300 year old Sea Horse Fountain (which normally graces the south lawn) whilst it is restored.

Renby were asked to provide a MicronFog™ system to create a misting effect, enhancing the rocks and beautiful exotic plants within the sculpture.

This really adds atmosphere, meaning and we feel; an additional structural dimension to the piece.

Chatsworth House and gardens are very popular as a tourist attraction and particularly so with Chinese tourists. The location of this exhibit is significant as it is the first time that the south lawn at Chatsworth has been open to the public.

Contact Renby for information on MicronFogTM and how it can help neutralise odours without using power or water. 

Click here to see the full Daily telegraph Article.

Fi Miles sings for Hospice:


Our Marketing assistant Fi Miles (aka Fifi) sings with Soundwall: A unique rock ensemble who play modern music for Chester and other North-west audiences exclusively for charitable causes.

At their recent concert given in Upton this unusual, talented and entertaining group handed a cheque for £1000 to The Chester Hospice charity, Hospice of the Good Shepherd.

Upon counting up the money raised on the night, they were delighted that yet another £1000 had been raised!

Fog on the railway

Fogging in action for train loading bays

Big fans of rail travel, we at Renby have been involved with a great rail project, fogging loading bays at a rail head where silica sand is loaded into huge rail trucks. The fog has been added to reduce dust.

See our You-tube video for more details. 

Other customers have used fog in the same way at lorry and ship loading areas to keep the dust levels down.


Fogging Special Effects

Misting system Jack Ryan Film 2013

We were delighted to provide fog special effects the Jack Ryan Film, Shadow Recruit and for artist Rachael Bradley at her Genevaart exhibition.

Since then, we’ve received several special effects enquiries in landscape, art and sculpture.

We are loving all the ways in which incredible artists are planning to use our fog to stunning effect! We can’t show the new designs just yet, but hope to reveal photographs of the displays when they are complete.

Roll on 2014 Projects! See Landscaping with Fog page for more…

50 Years / 50 Acres

Hug a rainforest tree

2010 is the year that Managing Director, Robin Travis turns 50. Wanting to mark the occasion in an unusual way, he looked for something different to do.

After some thought, he has set a target of purchasing 50 acres of rainforest by the time he is 51.