Using Spray Mist Cooling Systems To Cool - Flash Evaporation

Cooling tourists and crowds with Fog

Keeping visitors and audiences cool

Most of us realise that we feel a little cooler on a foggy day, but why is it that mist and fog cool us down? Flash evaporation is the answer.

Micron-sized droplets evaporate on contact and immediately cool people, animals or objects in an area.

This helps with theme park queues and large audiences.

Spray mist cooling systems have also been used to great effect in industrial settings where temperature reductions of up to 15oC have been achieved.

This applies to large areas such as warehouses and factories, and also to localised component cooling. Where a component or process is overheating, fogging can be the solution.

Crowd and Event Cooling

Cool Athletes and spectators at sport or other events

Cool athletes and spectators at events

Festival and event organisers understand the issues of over-heating. Spectators and performers become uncomfortable in high temperatures, and tempers can become frayed.

Spray mist cooling systems can be used to fog a crowd or stage area, cooling crowds or performers. Fog tunnels can be another fun way to use fog to keep cool at hot summer events.

Competitors can be cooled at sports events such as marathons or cycle races, reducing dehydration. This allows sporting events to be staged in hot climates where heat exhaustion might have been an issue.

Component Cooling

Optimising chiller efficiency with fog

Optimising chiller efficiency with fog

MicronFog™ can be used to effectively cool industrial components where there is a problem of overheating.

Air conditioning units and chiller systems benefit from fogging - it makes them more effective and they are less likely to overheat.

We have industrial clients who have found localised fogging reduces the temperature by a critical few degrees, allowing their component to function properly once more.

Fog can also prevent thermal runaway, where the increase in temperature causes a further temperature rise.

Low energy consumption pumps, and minimal water use make MicronFog™ very economical to run.

Controlled Temperature Storage

Fog can cool an Ambient Storage Warehouse

Fog can cool an Ambient Storage Warehouse

Many warehouses and storage areas need to be kept cooler than ambient temperature, but do not necessarily need to be chilled. Ambient facilities can become overheated on hot summer days, affecting the products being stored.

MicronFog™ used in a storage area or warehouse can reduce the temperature by up to 15˚C.

A fogging system is far lower less expensive than a chiller and requires much less energy to run.


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