Creating Landscaping Fog Effects

The Idea:

If you want to produce a stunning landscape effect, use Renby MicronFog™ in your scheme.

The continuing movement of the fog as it wafts around a feature produces an ethereal and tropical effect to any landscape design or structure.  Water features such as waterfalls and bubble fountains work very well indeed with fog effects.

Large installations can also be used to produce a cooling effect for visitors on hot summer days.

At night, fog can be used to accentuate landscape lighting and when combined with the latest in LED technologies gives an infinite range of colours.

The Method

MicronFog™ tubing can be fixed to hard landscaping features such as trees, rocks or fences or can be attached to ground stakes / pegs, or a structure designed specifically to allow the fogging system to be shaped as desired.

The fogging nozzles selected are usually the medium sizes, to ensure the fog is dense enough to give the effect required.

Nozzles used near water have to be kept clear of the surface of the water and obviously, in planting schemes, the nozzle orifice needs to be kept clear of soil, bark or other materials. 

micronfog landscaping fog effects at Chelsea flower show

Fog effects at the Chelsea Flower Show

MicronFog™ Multi Zone or Lite

Pump Size:
The pump size is determined by the number of nozzles.

Number of Nozzles:
from 4 to 200 nozzles depending on the project area and effect desired.

Nozzle Size:
The nozzle size varies the width of the fog cone and the size of fog droplet. This affects the how long the droplet stays in the air, and how the fog then behaves in the air and of course therefore is entirely dependent upon the effect required.


Mist and fog effects are becoming increasingly popular in Theme parks, Tropical gardens and Sculpture parks. MicronFog™ offers a reliable and highly customisable system for providing fog and mist effects and can be modified on site if required.